The Arizona Emergency Radio Network (AZERN) and the EMCOM NGO

I was invited to join the Arizona Emergency Radio Network (AZERN) Yahoo group a few weeks ago by a person I don't know.

From the group description at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArizonaEmergencyRadioNetwork/

Catholics are expanding and which faith-based and community organizations get funding?

I didn't find anything new about Executive Order 13199 (government funding and training) in a web search.  

The other day at the local store I learned that the Catholics have funds to expand and someone was trying to find out how many locals are Catholics.  That reminded me of Executive Order 13199 and that I've been meaning to ask about any related local activity.

FEMA no-show in Kentucky after ice storm

As always,  FEMA (Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency) failed to assist. 

The national guard has no chain saws to clear roads (why can't they get saws at the local Walmart or Home Depot?), FEMA does nothing but ship a few generators to hospitals ...  I suppose they're busy building camps.

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