Building a solar furnace (Mother Earth News)

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This is really cool.  There is lots of good info in the COMMENTS at


QuantityMaterialOur Unit CostCost of Materials Used
1 sheet1" x 4' x 8' Celeotex Thermax TF-610$10.75$10.75
1/2 sheet +3/4" x 4' x 8' Celotex Thermax TF-610    8.85    4.60
1 tubeLiquid Nails panel adhesive    1.00    1.00
1/2 tubesilicone caulking compound    3.50    1.75
16No. 8 finishing nails (scrounged)    0.00    0.00
3 piecessingle strength glass cut t fit(all inclusive order)  10.49
1/4 rollall-metal aluminum foil duct tape    4.00    1.00
1 quartRustoleum flat black paint    2.59    2.59

Total cost of materials used in construction of window collector: $32.18

In 1977!

I don't understand why they would put together this article in 2008 and then didn't bother to update.

I suppose that's for me to do, on a slow day.

I've been looking for a way to get extra heat.  The adobe addition MODERATES the temperature, but I've been surprised that it's actually COOLER inside on the warmest days we've had so far, maybe 80 degrees in the sun and kindof hot to me, in winter/spring.  Of course I'll be THRILLED when it's only 80 in summer.

So I thought about building a heat collector on top of the addition, just plastic wrap it in winter.  But you'd have to use a fan to get the warm air into the duct system.

Well, so many options and so many projects.  It'll probably be be fall by the time I get to this.

In the comments people write that it's difficult to get the Celeotex Thermax TF-610, but it seems like there should be many other suitable products.  After all, it's been over 30 years.

If you have any suggestions for sources or alternatives, please post.

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VERY cool!
VERY cool!