Bruce Beach, Ark Two and his thoughts on the world's problems

I saw an interesting post in a newsgroup today and got permission to repost here.  I suppose I should have known that Bruce Beach is the radiological scientific officer, founder and coordinator of Ark Two.  From his bio: 

Bruce Beach, born April 14th, 1934 in Winfield, Kansas. Honourable discharge after four years active duty and four years reserve USAF.

Radiological Scientific Officer. Graduated Southwestern College, Winfield. Master’s degree in Economics from Texas Christian University. Taught in black colleges in the Southern US and in Northern Colleges in Canada. Built Ark Two in Horning’s Mills, Ontario – home of wife’s family since 1800’s. Over twenty descendants. Founder and coordinator of the World Language Process. Has traveled to Europe, South America, Japan, and China.

There's lots of interesting info at his

Here's the posting:

Some people are always worrying
about the debt being passed on
to the next generation.

Their worries are misplaced
when it comes to money debt.

In our society -
ninety percent of the debt
is owed to the top one percent of the people -
but those people really don't care -
because they control / create the money itself.

There is concern about the breakdown of
social security
pension funds
unemployment funds
medical funds
and so forth -
but those are problems of social organization -
(the matter of entitlement)
not a lack money.

When one generation dies
it may pass on a debt to the next generation -
but it also passes on entitlement
to payments for that debt -
to others in the next generation.
The problem is -
it is not the same people.
The money ends up being owed -
to less than 1% of the people
in the next generation.

One solution would be to tax the people
that the money ends up being owed to.
They didn't earn it.
Probably the people in the previous generation
from whom they inherited it -
didn't 'earn' it either.
One needs to define what one means about people
having 'earned' billions and billions of dollars.

There are REAL problems
about things that we are passing on
to the next generation.
Let me list some:

1. Decaying stockpiles of used radioactive cores
from electric power nuclear generating plants.
These things can be around for thousands of years.
What right does this generation have
to put that burden on the many next?

2. Massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons
that present the same problem of disposal.

3. Massive stockpiles of biochemical weapons
that are very difficult to dispose of.
Making the stuff is easy.
Getting rid of it isn't.

4. Unexploded mines throughout the world -
that the next generations of children
will accidentally come upon for decades
and that will kill or maim them.
The US is the main non-signatory to the treaty
to get rid of the mines
and remains the main producer
and planter of them throughout the world.

5. Massive tracks of barren land
where there once stood giant Redwood trees
and many other varieties
that took thousands of years to grow
and that it would take thousands of years to replace.
These massive areas are often hidden
behind a thin border of trees lining the highways.

6. A drastically lowered water table
that took thousands of years to fill.

7. Great areas of depleted top soil.

8. Polluted lakes and oceans.
There are massive dead spots
covering hundreds of square miles in the ocean
full of floating plastics and other waste.

9. Depleted cod and other fisheries
that used to feed millions.

10. I have not named any non-renewable resources
because the ones above could have been managed
so that there would have always been plenty
or wouldn't have been a problem.

And there are many other such examples that I could give -
so don't worry about the fictitious dollar debt
that is being passed on to the next generation -
worry about the REAL debt and burden
that can't be repaid.

There are even greater problems
being passed on to the next generation.
The biggest ones are
the lack of spiritual values -
and poor social organization.

People get very upset
about all the wrong things.
When someone says -
"We need more teachers in the schools"
"We need more nurses and doctors".
"We need more beds in the hospitals"
"We need more help in the nursing homes"
"We need to improve the roads"
"We need to improve the sewage systems"
and, and, and -
then someone will reply -
"Yes -
but who will pay for it?"

People are talking about a TEA party
on April 15th and trying to get 1500 US cities to observe it.
TEA stands for (Taxed Enough Already)
and the concept is reminiscent of the
1773 Boston Tea Party
when a bunch of American revolutionists
dressed up as Indians
and threw the tea off a ship into the Boston harbor
in protest against being taxed by the British.

But - a Tea Party
isn't the answer to my suggestion that Americans
have better roads, schools, opera houses, hospitals, and so forth -
and the question as to who will pay for it?

People just can't seem to understand
that money is a veil.
The problem is not money.
God didn't make or limit money.
Man makes it -
and prints all that he wants to.
The question is who gets it.

Up here in Canada
someone once remarked
than in a country with
giant forests -
immense amounts of land -
and great unemployment -
that it takes real genius
to create a housing shortage.

When we have tens of thousands
of young people graduating from college
and no job to go to -
it also takes genius to create
teacher and nursing shortages.

we have lots of trained teachers
and nurses -
it is just that they are unemployed.
Just the same way
that we have lots of unemployed carpenters
and heavy equipment operators.

We have all the resources necessary -
to be giving good schools to our kids -
and good care to our elderly -
and to fix up our roads -
but we just don't use them.

There is lots of money in America -
to give a million dollars bonus
to 173 AIG vice presidents -
or to lay off the president of Citicorp
with a 140 million dollar retirement package
after he has been there less than a year.

There are billions of dollars
to spend on military contractors in Iraq -
and to build the largest Embassy in the world there -
but not enough to replace crumbling overcrowded
inner city schools.

The economic / financial rules
that are causing all these problems
were not made by God.
They won't be found in the Ten Commandments
or in the Sermon on the Mount.

The rules were made by greedy men
for greedy men.
You only need to look at who makes the rules
and who benefits by them.

There is one set of rules
for ordinary folk -
and another set of rules
for the rule makers.

Members of Congress
don't retire and live on Social Security.
Members of the Senate
haven't had any children killed in Iraq.
White House occupants and members of the Cabinet
don't take off their shoes at the airport.
There are great plans
for the COG (Continuity of Government)
and the people who really control everything -
feel themselves fully protected
and provided for -
as do their direct minions
who continually pass back and forth
through the revolving door
between the giant corporations and government.

Whatever you hear those people -
tell you are the problems -
or the solutions -
you had better think twice.

They don't see the real burden
being passed on to the next generation
as being a problem.
There will always be more than enough for them
and their heirs.

They don't see inadequate education
or medical care -
or retirement -
being a problem.
Their children go to private schools -
they can afford excellent doctors -
and they have numerous estates to retire to.

So the problems they are concerned about -
are not your problems -
even if they give lip service to them.
And the solutions they propose
of giving millions to the bankers
are not your solutions either.

If you don't have millions
you will never be a member of
the millionaire's club that is called
the US Senate.
And those who are members of the club
are not concerned about people
who are not members of the club -
who are not their kind of people -
no matter what lip service they give to the opposite.

If you ever want to know -
where the greed in any society is -
just look at the buildings.

Look at Egypt and see the pyramids -
but the pharaohs are no longer there.
Look at Europe and see the castles -
but the kings are no longer there.
Look at the Great Cathedrals -
and Monasteries -
but the priests are no longer there.
Now look at the cities of North America.
The biggest buildings belong to the
Banks, the Government, and Corporations -
but these too will pass away.

Greed mounts upon greed -
until the system crumbles away.
My purpose in writing all this -
is to advocate nothing.
These problems are self correcting.
I am just an observer.

My purpose has been simply to say -
don't get upset about the veils.
The fact that people get undeserved millions -
means nothing.
They won't take it with them.

Don't become distressed by those shouting
we can't afford schools -
we can't afford hospitals and medical care -
we can't afford better roads and city infrastructure -
because they are only emotionally charged
by the paid propaganda
that it is their taxes
that pay for those things -
and that they are creating a burden
for the next generation.

There can be schools when there are teachers -
and hospitals when there are nurses -
and it has nothing to do with taxes -
or putting a burden on the next generation.

This is all just the froth
and the emotion of the times.
There is always plenty of money for
war and destruction -
the big banks and corporations -
for raises for the members of Congress.
The forces of greed will wear themselves out -
and destroy their system
eating each other up -
and finally bringing upon each other
the wrath of war.

There is nothing that you can do
except become a serene observer
and perhaps find a niche in which to hide
while the elephants do battle.

Once the system has destroyed itself -
hopefully people can look beyond
the myths upon which it was based,
and build a new and better system.
That could usher in
the hoped for golden millennium
until that too becomes decadent.

My Utopian proposals are in the paper -

but there is no way
a new system can be built
until the old one has destroyed itself.

That may not be long off.

Peace and love,


Please DO check out

While I don't think that nuclear war is nearly as likely as any number of events causing great economic problems, there's a TON of food for thought and it's not just about radiation.  Economics (LETS), social issues, etc. are addressed.  I saved it to my drive, just in case.

I'm not sure that I'd WANT to be a nuclear survivor, definitely plan on saving some bullets for my dog and me.  Hopefully I won't have to make that decision.