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Ellen Brown: Mysterious Prison Buses in the Desert

Nothing's more scary than knowing that Wackenhut and Blackwater are ready to "help" us.

Ellen Brown asks some excellent questions after a recent visit to Tucson.  I just searched the web and found a few not exactly flattering articles about the Arizona Wackenhut operations.

My email to the moronic attorneys for Equifax, Experian, Trans Union and NCO

Last week Cara Hergenroether, attorney for Equifax, started to schedule a conference call to schedule a call regarding the Equifax deposition I didn't attend as I notified her that I would not drive 250 miles to Phoenix and she needed to schedule the deposition in Kingman.

Dr. Les Sachs seeks refuge in EU, Google working for CIA, Patricia Cornwell, Zionists, court corruption, ....

Les recently send me the link to as I had asked for updates on his situation after I had seen his website.

Pastor Lindsey Williams Details "Economic Calamity" Ahead -- was right about oil dropping to below $50 when it was $145

Just because Williams was right about the oil prices dropping doesn't mean that he'll ALWAYS be right.  After all, he doesn't claim to be psychic or that God talks to him, he only tells what his sources tell him.  THEY could be wrong or deliberately feed him false forecasts.

Cindy Sheehan signed Limited Edition George W. Bush "Worst President Ever" t-shirts

Adios Mother F&#@ER T-Shirt

Limited Edition Autographed T-Shirt Farewell homage to George Bush WORST PRESIDENT EVER. Autographed by Peacemom Cindy Sheehan

Cindy is one woman angrier than me and not afraid to show it!

David Hazen's 3-wheel battery-powered electric vehicle

Very cool!

XP Vehicle: electric inflatable polymer car for real?

As I watched some videos on FREE energy including vids to expose hoaxes, I ran across the XP-Car video and I wasn't sure whether it was another joke or what.

I went to their website and the FAQ is hilarious:

Mortgage Victims Assistance: "Serious about cashing in on the Mortgage Modification Market?"

Lately I've seen many articles about mortgage modification scams.   Since my spam is filtered before I ever get to see it, I thought the mail below was "real", especially since it looks like a response to an email. 

To my surprise, it encourages me to CASH IN on the mortgage modification market:

Parts of Europe in depression and California prepares to stop payments and to print IOUs

What do Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have in common?

They're all in deep doodoo.  And this is probably not a complete list of European countries with tremendous economic and monetary problems.

Audio: Jason Bermas interview of Peter Dale Scott on the bailout, the Obama administration and much more

Born in 1929, Peter Dale Scott is an accomplished diplomat, poet, writer, professor, researcher and activist since the 60s. 

Scott discusses the preparation for martial law under Reagan and Clinton, the bailout, the economy, the wars, his assessment of the Obama administration and much more.  You'd never guess his age listening to this interview.

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