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Woman froze to death in Montana cabin -- it takes more than good intentions to survive

As more and more people are getting worried about a depression and violence in the cities, they're heading for the rural areas, dreaming about the "simple" life.    I met sucker buyers in my area who bought land at auctions and couldn't even find their probably rather worthless wash lots. 

PRIVATE internet searches: IX Quick - searches the other search engines for you, great results

I just heard on Coast that IX Quick is the only search engine not storing any data from your searches.  I'm SICK of Google knowing everything about me, their censorship and all that BS.

H.R.645: Department of Homeland Security to establish FEMA camps

When I recently looked for more info on the Wackenhut empty prison buses cruising Tucson and the desert, I saw many people ridiculing the claims that FEMA camps exist.

The timing is bizarre, but just a day before Ellen Brown posted her article, related legislation was introduced in the House:

Mistrial declared after suspect smeared feces on attorney - the credit bureau lawyers should be thrown in cesspool

According to the article, the suspect was not allowed to represent himself and now he'll get a new attorney and maybe he will be allowed to proceed pro se. 

Most amazing are the COMMENTS submitted by readers, there's little sympathy for the lawyer.  Apparently I'm not the only person to get screwed by lawyers and judges.

The rise and fall of Iceland

 Iceland must confront the fact that it has been blighted by a man-made disaster

Banks are NOT listing many foreclosed homes for sale

CNN Money wrote an interesting article on the banks' failures to list many foreclosed properties for sale. 

Apparently, the real estate market is in much worse shape than has been reported because many bank owned properties are not included in the MLS statistics.

Randy Pratt in jail for FNB Bank's ERROR

I have not yet verified the information in the article, but if it's true that Randy Pratt is in jail and charged with felony theft and conspiracy charges because his BANK made an ERROR, I'll definitely contact the prosecutor and I'll try to clue him in on banking practices.

Iceland revolution?

Iceland protests

Protesters gather in Reykjavik as members of parliament gathered for their first session of the new year. Photograph: Halldor Kolbeins/AFP

The FTC report about credit reporting complaints to Congress

I ran across this strange report dated 12/29/08 from the FTC about credit reporting complaints that they submitted to the CRAs.  You will notice that the idiots at the FTC managed to create a 7-page document WITHOUT any graphics that's 3.81 mb

You have to be working for the government to develop the skill to create so much waste:

James Lovelock on the carbon trading "gigantic scam" and bio char

James Lovelock will be 90 in July and has a trip into space scheduled. Wow.

He doesn't like wind power, but has some interesting thoughts.

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