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What IS the impending disaster? Obama executive order creates NEW office to fund training for faith-based organizations

This Executive Order Amendment complements the recently introduced H.R. 645 (FEMA camps), creating the NEW Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships to provide federal funding and training to faith-based organizations. 

BRILLIANT: Richard C. Cook's "Bailout for the People: Dividend Economics and the Basic Income Guarantee”

I hope that the Cook plan will receive a lot more attention than lame attempts to drum up business like Ms. Freeman's doomed credit card payment "strike." Richard C. Cook worked many years for the Treasury and he just sent his “Bailout for the People: The Cook Plan” to president Obama. 

STUPIDITY: Jackie Freeman calls for credit card "payment strike" in April 2009

Jackie Freeman

It is EXTREMELY frustrating to see that apparently ALL credit activists AND aspiring politicians are totally corrupt and/or STUPID. 

Jackie Freeman seems to think that BAD publicity is better than NO publicity.

Need HACKED Adobe Acrobat Pro -- I was an IDIOT to PAY for Acrobat

I've bitched about this atrocious practice to limit activations before and now I truly regret paying for Acrobat 8 Pro.   As I'm trying to get this old Dell functional to finally be able to start on my doctor [CENSORED] response, I installed Word and Acrobat. 

Ebay cancelled my listings because I linked to Frontier (wholesaler) and Trado

I very carefully studied the Ebay guidelines and I THOUGHT that you were not supposed to link to your products at your own store.

So, I didn't.

I linked to Frontier and included the Trado links so that people can GET Trados.

Note that I did NOT link to the store!

I just got these two emails from Ebay:

Good news: I woke up - BAD news: my Lenovo notebook didn't

Last night I posted at doctor [CENSORED]'s blog:  I think I almost had a heart attack

I went to sleep to the Colbert Report, it's good to get some laughs once a day.

So, I was happy to wake up, turned the computer on and got 4 beeps.

Paul Craig Roberts: California's new currency, the IOU, and the bailout, wars, Obama, deficits, etc.

Paul Craig Roberts on California's inability to pay its bills, the new bail-out, the wars, Obama and the diminished value of American assets. 

Zeitgeist and Venus Project exposed - elitists rule, no democracy, worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

I somehow got back to looking at the Zeitgeist Movement forum and was shocked to see so many incredibly desperate followers willing to give up ALL rights to be ruled by "computers" making decisions based on the "carrying capacity of the earth."

3 more banks closed Friday -- financial crisis deepens

They're pumping OUR money into the banks "too big to fail" and the smaller banks are given to the larger banks. 

I haven't bothered to post the daily bad news about unemployement, stocks and economic data, it's rather pointless.  I'm making bio char today and planting some seeds.

FEMA no-show in Kentucky after ice storm

As always,  FEMA (Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency) failed to assist. 

The national guard has no chain saws to clear roads (why can't they get saws at the local Walmart or Home Depot?), FEMA does nothing but ship a few generators to hospitals ...  I suppose they're busy building camps.

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