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Why is Greenpeace NOT trying to stop the BP pollution of the gulf with COREXIT dispersants much more toxic than oil?

Where are the Greenpeace ships?

I remember the days when Greenpeace and other activists confronted the Navy and whalers in their ships. 

Are they ALL on the corporate payroll now?

Doctor Rima's Action eAlert: Vaccine fraud, jail for cirticizing GMOs, ban on supplements, ...

Doctor Rima is one of the few truly "good" doctors.  I've read quite a bit at her Natural Solutions Foundation website, watched her CODEX youTube reports and listened to some of her radio shows and interviews.  I think she's for real and one of the few SINCERE activists.

Our new permaculture and gardening blog

We've been incredibly busy working in the garden, building beds and fences, planting and transplanting and getting the plants out before it's too hot.

So I finally started the NEW blog about permaculture and growing food at High Desert Permaculture.

The credit crisis, Goldman Sachs and the role of STATE regulators

I've been subscribing to Carl Herman's articles at the Examiner for a few months.  The first article I read was  about Iran and the alleged nuclear threat and it was so well-researched and documented, I was impressed and decided to subscribe. 

Today I read his post about Goldman Sachs: - Paypal competition on Ebay? No way!

I noticed a seller on Ebay today who ONLY accepted payments through Moneybookers.  I had never even heard of it and decided to sign up for an account at

Now that I'm done, it seems that it's ONLY good for Ebay. 

Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Barclays and Goldman Sachs linked to financing of cluster bombs

It's no surprise to see the allegations of financing cluster bomb production -- bankers have no conscience.  And, they have no comments either.  You can ask, but they won't tell.

Video: Everything Is OK-- Keep Shopping. FUNNY!

Video: False Flags, Lies & Nuclear Bombs

Video: Total Proof of the New World Order

People living in the Las Vegas flood tunnels

I've read about people living in the tunnels under Paris, but didn't know that Las Vegas also has an underground population.

You'd think that with the collapse of the Las Vegas housing market people could afford rentals again, but without a job even low rents are not affordable for people who make a living looking for credits on slot machines.

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