Google OCEAN: Atlantis found in Atlantic ocean?

From the Sun:

It shows a perfect rectangle the size of Wales lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean nearly 3½ miles down.

A host of criss-crossing lines, looking like a map of a vast metropolis, are enclosed by the boundary. ...

If that picture isn't a fake, there's definitely SOMETHING:

The Angel Food Ministries nonprofit officers Wingos' 550% salary increase and GOP campaign contributions

As I've written many times, EVERY non profit organization's financials should be public.

And that's one reason why I've been looking for info on which faith-based and community organizations get $$$ for training and "whatever".  We need a lot more transparency.

2/19/09: All verified members get a T200 verification bonus

Once again verified members received a T200 verification bonus instead of T100.

Apparently that's what it's meant to be and all verified member will get the T200 bonus. 

If anyone who got a T100 verification bonus didn't get an additional T100 credit, please email.

Facebook reverts to OLD terms because users stood up for their rights

Since MANY bloggers as well as mainstream media extensively reported on the new Facebook terms, they decided to TEMPORARILY revert back to the OLD terms.

Their entire business model revolves around "monetizing" YOUR information (selling it) and marketing to you. 

WHY are so many people participating in this giant waste of time? 

Facebook KEEPS everything you DELETE -- why do people join these sites?

I just recently got another invitation to become someone's friend on Facebook.  Another person invited me to get a Gmail email address.  And yet another invited me to the 15th or so networking site.   

Catholics are expanding and which faith-based and community organizations get funding?

I didn't find anything new about Executive Order 13199 (government funding and training) in a web search.  

The other day at the local store I learned that the Catholics have funds to expand and someone was trying to find out how many locals are Catholics.  That reminded me of Executive Order 13199 and that I've been meaning to ask about any related local activity.

In memory of Wayne Strang

I found out through a list message this evening that Wayne Strang passed away today. 

Scorpion babies

Scorpion Babies

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