What does $1 trillion in $100 bills look like?

Pictures of large amounts of money, such as $1 billion in hundreds:

$1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars)

Interesting treasury statistics on the increase of foreign ownership of US securities in 2008

The entire world is financing America's debt.  Almost every country increased its holdings last year.  WHY? 

Trying to delay the inevitable? 

I suppose that's the money we gave to the bankers. 

Imagine the Chinese or Japanese stop buying US treasuries or even worse, start SELLING.

Can't wait to see the NEW stats for THIS year.

2004 Research: FEMA camp locations, executive orders and map put together a listing of executive orders and possible FEMA camp location and somebody even created a Google map.

Of course I looked up the AZ locations and from my recent research (search for "Wackenhut") there's definitely a lot going on with Wackenhut and the Florence prisons.   I think there are two.

Dimwitted Alex Jones fans special: it's NOT a detention camp in the desert

Last night I checked to see if there was an update on the alleged "detention camp" pictures in the Southern Arizona desert that had originally been posted on 2/23/09 as READER SUBMISSION on the Cost to Coast site:

Chinese fake gold and silver coins -- more Ebay fraud


1899 Morgan Dollar Obverse

ExpressionEngine CMS deadware? I'm afraid so - commercial EE license for sale CHEAP

I checked the Expression Engine forum today because:

1) I'm STRUGGLING with my main blog at 

I was so happy to get the court order allowing me to reopen CreditSuit, but it is NO pleasure blogging there on the Expression Engine platform. 

Soldiers training in Hayden, Idaho

Soldiers in Hayden, Idaho

ORIGINAL CAPTION: My son in law today saw about 20 army guys with full combat gear walking down the street in Hayden, Idaho. He took pictures and asked them what they were doing. 'They said they were just training. One of the troopers was carrying a saw or squad automatic weapon.

The Arizona Emergency Radio Network (AZERN) and the EMCOM NGO

I was invited to join the Arizona Emergency Radio Network (AZERN) Yahoo group a few weeks ago by a person I don't know.

From the group description at

2006 article by Allen L Roland: Rex 84: FEMA's Blueprint for Martial Law in America

From HR 645, legitimizing the FEMA camps, the federal takeover of the national guard, military exercises in America to prepare for civil disobedience to the Obama executive order to fund and train faith-based and neighborhood organisations, all indications are that the government expects something to happen SOON.

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