Salvation Army had 1000 applicants for 200 bell ringer jobs at $7.50/hr -- who is to blame for the mortgage defaults?

I was listening to public radio Las Vegas on my way home from town and they were broadcasting a town hall meeting about the economy.

One of the speakers was from the Salvation Army and according to him, they normally have about 150 bell ringer jobs and barely have enough people.  This year they got over 1000 applications.

Murder by suicide: Kenneth Trentadue "suicide" in Oklahoma prison cell

I just heard an interview with Jesse Trentadue, one of the few attorneys I respect.  He sued the government and WON $1.1 million for emotional distress and after years of appeals, they finally sent the check.  Now Trentadue is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to a murder conviction. 

Doctor amputates with the help of text messaged instructions - and some thoughts on credit and business loans

Medicins Sans Frontieres doctor performs amputation following instructions sent by text

A doctor volunteering in war-torn Congo performed a complex amputation to save a boy’s life by following instructions sent by text message from a colleague in London.

Funny pics: Walrus plays saxophone

Walrus plays the saxophone

A walrus has become a star attraction with visitors at a zoo by learning to play the saxophone.


My food related Trado wish list

Items that I've ordered online and would love to see offered by Trado merchants:

  • Seeds (veggies, herbs) that will grow in the desert (hot, dry) and indoors in winter.
  • plants

NO GM seeds or food.


Learning from the current economic crisis

Lesson one: Capitalism's main failure is that of distributing all the wealth (goods and services) it can and wants to create. This means that there is no problem of production. The failure lies in distribution and, i. e. the market's inability to recognise "demand" that is not backed by money, or other forms of purchasing power.
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