FUNNY!! Ethan Nadelmann interviewed by Stephen Colbert

I've already watched this interview a couple of times last week and after all that stress today I really needed another laugh.

Ethan Nadelmann with the Drug Policy Alliance wants marijuana to be taxed and regulated instead of in the criminal justice system. (05:22)

Time to get XP PRO OEM and to get rid of the proprietary Lenovo crap

Had a HORRIBLE day because the Lenovo T61 doesn't  have a Windows REPAIR option.

I accidentally deleted a system file along with program files accidentally installed in the root dir and windows files can NOT be copied individually.

Cato Institute: LESS drug use 5 years after decriminalization of drugs in Portugal

American politicians aren't STUPID, they are CORRUPT. 

US government "black projects" are FUNDED by drug imports. From Iran Contra to Afghanistan to Columbia to Mexico,  narco dollars determine the US drug policy.

No relief - Indian farmers continue to commit suicide due to drought and they can't pay their debts

This is not a new problem and last year the Indian government was supposed to provide assistance after over 130,000 farmers had committed suicide. 

GM seeds NOT performing as promised, poor harvests, droughts, deforestation and dams are creating serious problems.  Add to that the bankers demanding the repayment of loans, I can see why so many farmers have no hope. 

Contra Costa County to stop prosecuting assaults, thefts and burglaries due to budget cuts - militia to patrol Stockton?

When I first saw the headline I thought it was about "Costa Rica".  I suppose my brain could not conceive that a CALIFORNIA wealthy county like Contra Costa would no longer prosecute criminals.  

The deputies in my county have never done more than take reports or write tickets, but I'm in Arizona.

Fascinating pictures

Are houses priced at 50% of the market high bargains? Adrian Salbuchi's take on the dollar

Quite a few people are getting ready to buy, hoping for bargains and future appreciation. 

Where will home prices go?

I just read this blog post with many nice graphs, but lacking reality:

Must watch: Stephen Colbert on payday loans

The Word - Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too

The Payday Loan Reform Act drags the payday loan industry out of the darkness and into the anemic firefly flicker of nominal oversight.

It's eviction day for the Sacramento tent city residents

Tent City Residents Issued Moving Papers


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