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2/19/09: All verified members get a T200 verification bonus

Once again verified members received a T200 verification bonus instead of T100.

Apparently that's what it's meant to be and all verified member will get the T200 bonus. 

If anyone who got a T100 verification bonus didn't get an additional T100 credit, please email.

Get verified by 12/31/08 and receive a 200 Trado BONUS!

Since everything looked good after testing the Trado banking site at, I set up accounts today and I screwed up.

Filed the Trado trademark - YES, it's legal to create a new currency

It was very funny.  The lady at the county recorder's office asked what kind of business Trado is.  I told her it was a new currency.  She thought it was a currency exchange.  So I explained, no, it's a new currency called Trado.

"That's illegal!" 

She really thought dollars are the ONLY legal currency in the US.

Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

Trado was inspired by Richard C. Cook's proposals for monetary reform including payments to all residents similar to the Alaska dividend.  From Richard's article: 

The Trado TEMPORARY logo: 1988 Bicentenary "Polymer" commemorative Ten Dollar banknote

I searched the web today for "money pics" and l looked through about 30 pages with links to pages with pictures -- I've seen enough money for one day!

A new theme and banking update

I switched to the new Acquia Marina theme tonight and really like it.  But, as always, there are a few bugs to fix, such as the forums displaying below the sidebars.  I hope there's an easy fix and if so, I'll change the colors.

Wisconsin towns consider printing local currency

I don't understand why people are going to fight each other instead of showing some solidarity and fighting the big banks and corporations.

It's just perfect for the banks to have every little town print their own money and everybody has to continue to use the banks to do serious business.

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