Alex Jones is a rip-off!

And so is Solutions From Science.  We bought a solar power generator and it NEVER did what their website and advertising claimed it would do.  The first line on SFS's website is get off the grid.  They told us before we bought it that you could get four appliances off the grid.  We could not get even ONE appliance off the grid.  My suggestion is DO NOT buy a solar power generator from SFS unless you want to get ripped off.  They do not honor their word nor their product.  We are trying to get the partial refund they promised us on at least three occasions.  But, now they are lying about what transpired between us and them.  IF they decide to do the right thing and give us the promised partial refund, then I will post about it.  But, so far, that has not happened. 

Plus, I heard Alex Jones say that his listeners are "just thrilled" with SFS's solar power generators.  That is a total lie.  I have sent him a couple of emails telling him not only how disreputable SFS is, but also how lousy their solar power generator is.  Of course, we have never heard anything from AJ.  He is too busy selling advertising and hawking products. 

Because we have been ripped off by SFS and we are trying to get the promised partial refund, we checked with the Chicago Better Business Bureau.  We found out SFS has a D- rating.  They have had 11 complaints against them, ours would make it 12 but ours is not resolved yet.  Five of those complaints were for promised refunds they did not pay!  I would not buy ANYTHING that AJ is hawking.  If you notice, his show has more advertising than programming.  Granted some of what he reports is true, but you can find it by searching the internet. 

IMO both AJ and SFS are rip-offs.  His latest bit is getting his listeners to do Google searches so he is in the top search engine lists without having to pay for it.  He is such a manipulator and some of his unsuspecting listeners have no idea what he is doing by using them to make more money from advertising.  The higher he is on the search lists along with the more listeners he has enables him to make and charge more for advertising.  Please do not be used or get ripped off by these scams.  We learned the hard way unfortunately.