2/27/09: planted green onions

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2009 Green onion bulbs from Henry Fields

I had ordered a variety of onion bulbs at http://henryfields.com/ back in December.  I've been looking for onion bulbs all winter and after another extensive search found some at Henry Fields.  They were over $50, but it helped to get $25 off. 

I also got a catalog now with another $25 coupon.  The onion bulbs were my first order, so I don't know the quality of their plants.

Unfortunately, they didn't ship until late February and I sure was happy to have UPS finally deliver them.  Somehow I'll have to make sure that I have plenty of bulbs to make it through NEXT winter.

My attempts at growing green onions from SEED failed miserably. 

It looks like grass, tastes like grass, I don't get it.  I tried two different seed packets, this sure was frustrating.

Last year I bought yellow and white bulbs at the local hardware store and I was THRILLED how well they grew in between the grapes.  Every few weeks I planted a few rows until fall. 

And now that my little adobe addition is functional, I'll be growing year round.

I love green onions, but for some reason they often went bad on me when I bought them at the store.  It's probably because I only get to town every few weeks, then I buy so much and forgot about them. 

There's nothing like pulling the onions out of the ground and eating them a few minutes later. 

I just finished putting up shelves outside the kitchen window (in the little addition) so I'll grow them in containers and once they're ready to eat, I move them on that shelf and I won't even have to go outside and can just harvest from the kitchen.

How's that for laziness?  :) 

So I can't wait for the first taste. 

Planted on the 27th in a mix of old potting soil and my homemade bio char. 

There's already some "stuff" growing, looks like weeds, a tomato seedling and maybe the tips of some onions.